Rates reform needed to stop high street decline

Many small businesses feel the Assembly is ignoring the reality of what is happening on our high streets and sidestepping the decisions that need to be made to bring entrepreneurs and vibrancy back to our high streets.

Wildflower Alley is a credit to residents

Wildflower Alley is a concerted effort to curb negative behaviour and crime, as well as helping with urban drainage and reducing the risk of flooding.

New Loyalist Council fraught with contradictions

Any genuine attempt to move paramilitary gangs away from violence is to be cautiously welcomed but there is something worrying about formalising and co-opting these organisations in order to have them leave the stage

Child drawing

Equal societies are better societies

The establishment of a universal childcare model would have a transformative impact on those trying to balance home and work life.

A structured, humanitarian response to refugee crisis needed

With the conflict in Syria now in its fifth year, human rights violations have left more than 200,000 people dead and over half of the country’s population displaced.