Claire’s priority is delivering a shared, fair, prosperous and safe South Belfast by:

  • Protecting the inclusivity of South Belfast, respecting diversity, never using words that incite or divide. Claire is confident in her identity and respects the history and aspirations of others, standing against the Balkanisation of our community and neighbourhoods.
  • Social Justice – More equal societies do better. Claire’s political philosophy is to protect the most vulnerable, support public services and reward enterprise and work. Campaigning on issues like a Living Wage and affordable childcare will increase equality of opportunity and social cohesion.
  • A healthy and educated population is our greatest asset; from early years to third level, Claire will fight for first class, inclusive educational facilities in South Belfast, and an efficient national health service that focuses on prevention rather than cure.
  • Supporting arts and culture. Creative cities thrive, and the arts in Belfast provide more genuine shared space and integration than local government could hope to create, as well as giving enjoyment and meaning to all our lives.
  • Political reform and renewal. Democracies need functioning, tolerant political parties. Claire is proud of the Social Democratic and Labour Party’s history and values, and passionate about its future. We want to engage more people and restore confidence in the democratic process and public service.