Author: Claire Hanna

P1 places shortage

I have been in touch with a large number of families over the last couple of weeks who didn’t get a P1 place for their child for September – a horrible and very worrying situation to be in.

Devolution or Direct Rule?

It’s polling day tomorrow, and after all the spin around RHI and the attempts by DUP and Sinn Féin to keep the focus on crocodiles rather than governance crisis…

NAMA — we need immediate action

The Assembly Finance Committee met again last week to discuss issues arising from the the sale of the NAMA loan portfolio, and in light of yet more revelations on BBC’s Spotlight programme, the SDLP has reiterated our call for a comprehensive inquiry with a firm all-island dimension — if ever there was a North/South issue it is this.

Initial exhausted thoughts on our new order.

My overwhelming feelings this morning are still shock and anxiety, but despair is going to get us nowhere. I felt for days and months that this referendum wasn’t won but never really allowed myself think of the emotional consequences and real complexities – we warned about a carnival of reaction that would follow Brexit and the best we can do now is try to put some decent shape on what follows.