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Hardship Fund for Independent Practitioners in the Arts Sector

I have written to the Arts Council of Northern Ireland asking that the remaining £500,000 of the £1.5million Coronavirus Emergency Programme monies be made available, by way of a genuine hardship fund, to support independent practitioners facing immediate financial hardship:    

Support for Sole Traders

I have written to the Chancellor asking what measures are being explored to support sole traders, who have fallen through the cracks of both the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme and the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme:  

Coronavirus Recovery Strategy & Reopening of Businesses

I have written to the First Minister and deputy First Minister asking if the Executive would consider putting in place a mechanism whereby case by case queries can be referred to, and ruled on, to provide business owners with clarity on reopening and returning to work:

Transfer Test 2020 Two Week Delay

I have written to the Education Minister voicing my concerns, and those of several constituents, about the decision to delay the Transfer Test 2020 by just two weeks:

HMRC Identity verification problems

I have written to the Chancellor highlighting my concerns regarding the implementation of the Self-employment Income Support Scheme, that has left many citizens in Northern Ireland unable to verify their identity in order to access the scheme:

Support for Small Businesses

I have written to the Economy Committee to raise concerns about the delivery and effectiveness of the Small Business Support Grant Scheme:    

Pest Control Services during COVID-19

I have written to the Minister of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs on whether the Dept has sought updated guidance from Dept of Health, the CMO & CSO on how pest control services could operate safely at this time: