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World AIDS Day: Keeping HIV and AIDS on the agenda

Today is an opportunity to ensure we keep HIV and AIDS education, awareness and treatment on the agenda, both publicly and politically; to ensure vital fundraising is undertaken to enable research as well as provide support for those people living with the disease locally and globally.

Trident is no defence in a modern age

Trident, we’re told, is the UK’s insurance policy in an “uncertain” world. A relic of Cold War geo-politics, the £167billion it will cost to renew could be considerably better spent on problems we are certain about.

The challenge of the ‘Decade of Centenaries’

Four years into the ‘Decade of Centenaries’, the challenge remains to consign to history the acceptability of violence for political ends, and to embrace the complexity of shared history.

Rates reform needed to stop high street decline

Many small businesses feel the Assembly is ignoring the reality of what is happening on our high streets and sidestepping the decisions that need to be made to bring entrepreneurs and vibrancy back to our high streets.

New Loyalist Council fraught with contradictions

Any genuine attempt to move paramilitary gangs away from violence is to be cautiously welcomed but there is something worrying about formalising and co-opting these organisations in order to have them leave the stage