Devolution or Direct Rule?

SDLP team canvassing south Belfast for Claire Hanna and Naomh Gallagher

It’s polling day tomorrow, and after all the spin around RHI and the attempts by DUP and Sinn Féin to keep the focus on crocodiles rather than governance crisis, this election boils down to a choice between devolution and partnership, or direct rule from London.

The two larger parties are making it clear that they can’t or won’t work together in the period after this election, but months of protracted negotiations is the last thing Northern Ireland needs – especially without a budget in place and while Brexit negotiations go on around us.

We aren’t suggesting all the problems are simple to solve but the SDLP is willing and able to work with a forward-looking coalition, ideally including the Ulster Unionists, Alliance and Greens, to finally deliver open, stable government and the social and economic progress this place needs.

To do that we need your number 1 and 2 votes.

Our team have knocked thousands of doors across South Belfast and feel a lot more energy around the SDLP vote.

I hope we got to your door, apologies if the weather or the short timescale prevented us from doing that, but if you have any questions about your vote, do get in touch.