If you are Already Receiving Benefits

If you are already receiving payments your payments will continue. All face to face appointments have been postponed & work coaches will communicate through your online journal, over the phone or will reschedule appointments.

You will not be penalised due to a postponed appointment. 

Key Updates

  • Awards with an end date will be extended to ensure benefit remains in payment
  • PIP awards due to end before 30 June 2020 will automatically be extended for a further six months
  • PIP 2 claimants will have 90 days to return their form & claims will not currently be disallowed if forms are returned later than 1 month
  • Current claims awaiting assessment will be treated as if they are about to expire and will be extended six months
  • If you have a change in circumstances please contact the Department to ensure you are receiving the correct level of support
  • Those receiving JSA do not have to sign on
  • Department is prioritising as follows: payment of benefit, focusing on new claims and then changes of circumstances
  • While assessment has changed to telephony, the Dept has made it clear that no one should be disadvantaged by this


Useful Contacts

Updates in Full


You can call my office for help with making a claim for benefits, you can also contact the Law Centre for advice on benefits at [email protected]