NAMA — we need immediate action

The Assembly Finance Committee met again last week to discuss issues arising from the the sale of the NAMA loan portfolio, and in light of yet more revelations on BBC’s Spotlight programme, the SDLP has reiterated our call for a comprehensive  inquiry with a firm all-island dimension — if ever there was a North/South issue it is this. With the apparent stalling of the National Crime Agency investigation, elected representatives can no longer be expected to mark time until that process is concluded, nor can we leave the tasks of accountability and transparency entirely to the media.
We are proposing that the Assembly Finance Committee immediately draw up terms of reference for a robust inquiry into revelations, and to call for all necessary persons and papers — sunlight is the best disinfectant and this issue has been in the shade of political interference from various directions to date. I discussed some of the issues arising on Dublin’s Newstalk FM this week – you can listen here.