New Claimants

New claims will be made online, with follow up over the phone. This includes those making claims for PIP. If you are unable to make your claim online, you can call the Universal Credit helpline number (below).

Extra Financial Support

If you have made a new claim but you are struggling financially, during the 5 week wait, you may be entitled to extra financial support through the Universal Credit Contingency Fund or Discretionary Support Fund. For more information click here.

Student Access to Benefits

Full-time students who are suffering financial hardship as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic can now apply for Discretionary Support.

Universal Credit helpline: 0800 012 1331
PIP New Claims: 0800 012 1573
Freephone Benefits Check: 0800 232 1271

You can call my office for help with making a claim for benefits, you can also contact the Law Centre for advice on benefits at [email protected]