This Westminster election is about which direction we want to take - we can choose partnership over division and hope over fear.

South Belfast will go down to the wire - your vote has never been more important.

I am standing in this election because I want my three children to grow up in a positive and progressive Northern Ireland and a dynamic new Ireland.

Better services and futures for children are a key priority for me at this election - their health, education, care and a sustainable planet for them to live on.

I have campaigned tirelessly against Brexit and am delighted to have been endorsed by Our Future Our Choice and the People’s Vote campaign.

If elected to Westminster, I will use my relationships in Belfast, Dublin, London and Brussels to fight for and protect Northern Ireland’s social and economic interests.

This election isn’t about being nationalist, unionist or other. It’s about you. It’s about us.

#VoteHannaX on Thursday, 12 December.

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Principled, passionate, pro-European - vote hanna x